A global brand was preparing to implement a new Medallia program based on a transactional customer survey - first as a pilot launch to 2000 US stores, then to thousands more across the US and the globe. The organization asked OGC to develop a change management plan and serve as its training partner.  


Three months prior to launch, OGC developed a plan identifying who - from the multiple roles across the organization - should receive what type of training, when they should receive it and what kinds of materials would help users learn not only how to use the tool, but how to leverage it for actionable insights as well.  A communication strategy and cadence was also set, aimed at generating awareness and enthusiasm for the launch ahead of the actual training roll out.


In the weeks before the pilot launch, OGC developed and delivered the following resources:


  1. Quick Reference Guide/Trifold - This communication detailed survey basics, key terms, the alerts timeline, and summaries of each tab in the platform, and was designed to generate awareness and excitement ahead of formal training and launch.

  2. Training Webinars - OGC delivered 6 live webinars combining a presentation of key CEM concepts with a live demonstration of the survey and the Medallia tool (desktop and mobile) to train different user roles in: survey details, accessing the system, platform tools (bookmarks, filtering etc.) navigating and understanding the reporting, and best practices for leveraging the data for actionable insights.  Each webinar was concluded with a live Q&A session.

  3. Customized User Guide and FAQ document - This PDF resource incorporated report-by-report platform screenshots and detailed descriptions of reporting and functionality, as well as key program questions, and was to be used as a reference for users after receiving training.

  4. Training Videos - OGC delivered narrated webinar-style videos introducing the key concepts and containing the demonstrations covered in the webinar, produced in accessible chapters by topic.  This resource was used both for team members who could not attend a live webinar and as a continuing reference or training source for future users.

  5. Train-the-Trainer Sessions - Because of the scale of training required, an important project goal was to enable the organization to conduct future training independently.  Therefore, OGC delivered all the materials used in the webinars to the organization’s in-house training team and conducted train-the-trainer sessions for them, sharing methodologies and best practices for new user training for the tool.  

Following the pilot launch, OGC managed the process of updating the materials based on feedback from the pilot and of preparing the materials for multiple translations ahead of the global launch. Finally, OGC delivered additional live webinars for the full launch before handing off responsibility for new use training to the in-house training team.