A global financial services company with a long-running CEM program was looking for an executive reporting solution for their CX data. Historically, theses executive reports - delivered after each of the bi-annual relationship surveys to each of multiple markets across the globe - were overly long, identical between markets and waves, and thin on actionable insights, resulting in poor reception and minimal impact among the market executives receiving them.


OGC - charged with making the reports relevant across multiple markets, engaging, and actionable - developed a proprietary approach in which each market received a similar core report, in addition to selecting several “mini-reports” from a menu of elective, topic-specific and actionable insights-focused reporting options.  


The steps taken to achieve this outcome included the following:


  1. Core reporting development - Ahead of the initial wave, OGC collaborated with the client to develop a set of core reports that each market would receive. The templates ensured both that reporting expectations and preferences would be met, and that reports could be produced quickly and efficiently as soon as the survey wave closed.

  2. Specialized mini-reports menu development  - In addition, OGC collected client input on the key CX issues of interest from multiple markets and stakeholders.  Using this discovery, OGC developed templates for mini-reports addressing each of the concerns - all with a focus on actionable insights from analyses such as NPS segmentation deep dives, key driver analysis, response rate deep dives, and text analytics.  

The reports also included short training elements to enable each audience to leverage the tool to arrive at these types of insights independently and between reporting waves.


By developing these reporting options and allowing each market to select their elective reports ahead of wave, OGC was able to deliver concise reporting on a quick turnaround and to scale that spoke to each market’s specific CX interests.  Each market now received the data and analysis that they actually wanted to see, resulting in increased ownership and engagement across markets, and in a greater impact of the CX feedback collected each wave.