A large US telecom company hired a major management consulting firm to explore its customer base profiles.  The consultants were asked to segment the customers by lifecycle events.  In particular, they were asked to identify the characteristics unique to each segment and stage, as well as the particular drivers of each group’s purchasing habits.


The consulting firm reached out to OGC with a preliminary list of key research questions.  OGC was tasked with developing and fielding the study based on these key questions, and provided the consultants with the following services:


  1. Additional discovery: OGC met with the consulting firm to understand the nature of the client’s business and gain a fuller understanding of the study motivation and key questions.

  2. Survey design: OGC used the key research questions and expanded discovery to advise the consults on the recommended survey approach, and then developed a survey that would address the key issues.  In this case, the nature of the questions - understanding how customers behave in multiple scenarios such as moving houses, arrival of a baby, getting married etc. - informed the complex survey design that had to provide branching logic to address each segment appropriately.

  3. Expert programming: The consultants relied on OGC’s experience and expertise to program the complex survey on a dedicated platform before it was sent to the field.

  4. Field management: OGC managed the survey while in the field. As the study included very specific and complicated quotas and also required surveying both subscribers and non-subscribers in the telecom company’s  footprint, the fielding entailed significant quota management.


Through these services, OGC  implemented the consulting team’s study concept in a professional manner beyond the consultants’ in-house capabilities.  In so doing, OGC was able to deliver a rich, valuable and complex data set to the consulting team, by which the consultants were able to derive and deliver key insights on customer behavior to their client.