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Three Ways for Effective Messaging in CX

Companies are constantly capturing Customer Experience data from different sources, such as contact center service, after purchase and online experiences, delivery, etc. However, the art of sharing this information and making sure the correct information gets to the targeted teams can be described as difficult by small to large companies, especially because data is consumed by different stakeholders in very different ways.

When deciding how to report your main findings, the insights team needs to balance between the audience, frequency, level of details, agility and scalability when appropriate. When you ponderate these five strategies, we can summarize the reporting into three options that enable different teams to receive the best for their day-to-day tasks:

  • Infographics: Geared towards the Frontline and Functional Teams, the infographics are eye-catching and easily digestible, becoming a great option for answering specific business questions and generating informed decisions.

  • Quarterly Reports: Tailored to Executives and Functional Teams, this comprehensive and insights-based report guides executives on strategic decisions.

  • Dynamic Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards: Suited for all teams, dynamic dashboards can be a clean, efficient, & actionable framework tool for custom reporting to get the most out of your internal data in combination of your CX data.

In addition to these three options, companies can also prepare an Actionable Insights Workshop for CX leaders and Insights teams where leaders enable these teams to take the best advantage of your CX platform.

Vivian Urbach, CX Manager

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