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Over three quarters of top performers in the CX space turn to outside consultants for their CX platform management. Turn to OGC for the best of big data and human insight, combined in CX quarterly reports for organizations in a variety of industries.

So you’re good to go on your CX platform

The surveys are open, and you have a direct line to the people who matter most to your business. Quantitative scores and rich comments are pouring in, and your customers have served to you on a silver platter everything you need in order to understand your business’s strong suits and pressure points. But now what? How does NPS transform into enhanced business strategy? An impact topic into improved business decisions? It is one thing to measure performance, but only by understanding the story behind the stats can these data points turn into concrete business strategy.

How can OGC optimize your reporting?

While some organizations conduct CX analyses in house, over three quarters of top performers in the CX space turn to outside consultants for their platform management. This decision comes down to two factors: scalability and expertise. Truly effective utilization of your CX platform requires an expert team, dedicated specifically to drawing out the most compelling insights for your business.

OGC’s solutions for Quarterly Reports strike just the right balance between KPI reporting and deep dive analysis. As an executive, you need a snapshot of your company’s performance each quarter, as well as key insights into that performance. Quarterly reports give a dynamic look at your customers’ brand perception, determine areas to maintain and to improve, and allow you to perform cross-brand and cross-regional comparisons for companies spanning multiple markets. As data accumulate, we can understand performance over time as well as analyze exceptional periods and the impact of specific programs.

What is the first step?

With your collaboration, we create customized templates which include the metrics you need and the relevant analysis, presented in the form that is going to be most useful to you in your future presentations. Keeping these templates consistent across quarters will make understanding progress over time comprehensive and easy.

Every report begins with a performance snapshot, answering questions such as: what was the quarterly NPS? How did it evolve throughout the period? Which topics were the biggest contributors to your company’s success, and which were the biggest detractors from it?

Dig deeper with text analytics & customer segmentation

Your CX Platform has provided you with AI tools for text analytics that make sorting through open end comments more efficient and more effective than ever before. We can determine from the dashboards the most discussed topics and even the general sentiment associated with them. These capabilities are certainly revolutionary in and of themselves, but to produce concrete recommendations for your business, you need to go one step further.

Take this TA example

You are a Fortune 500 company in the retail apparel space. From your CX platform you know that Merchandise is one of the most discussed topics by customers, and that these comments are overwhelmingly positive--customers love your styles! However, within Merchandise, Sizing is a substantial sub-topic whose comments tend to be very negative. You know you need to focus on improving this area, but improving what about it exactly? Do customers want more variety of sizes? Do they want better availability of the sizes you already offer? Maybe they just want more detailed sizing information? In order to turn negative Sizing comments into action, you need to understand what the Sizing comments are actually saying. It’s not enough to know that they are negative--you need to know why they are negative and how you can adapt to do something about it. By combining artificial intelligence and human insight, we successfully elevate text analytics to actionable business decisions.

Additionally, we sort through your data to find poignant customer segmentations and cross data connections. Say, for example, that according to the surface level metrics, your website is highly recommended by consumers. However, when we look deeper into mobile and desktop user segments, we find that mobile users specifically are struggling with navigation on the site. Since the share of mobile users has been growing considerably from previous quarters, it is likely advantageous to prioritize a more user-friendly mobile site. As we familiarize ourselves with your business, we tailor segmentations to address pertinent patterns in the data over time.

The what & the why

Your CX platform gives you the what, we give you the why. Deeper analysis on impact topics and text analytics mean that the stream of consumer feedback you already have can be transformed into tangible and deliberate decisions, devised by humans and backed up by data.

Rebecca Glanzer, Business Analyst

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