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Key Takeaways from OGC Insights Summit 2020

OGC Global hosted its second annual Insights Summit at the PUBLIC Hotel in New York City on Friday, January 31st. The event was focused on experience management analytics and the intersection of technology and business.

The day consisted of three segments, each with client-led case studies describing challenges and their resolution with practical takeaways, followed by a best practice and methodology session led by OGC Global’s expert consultants:

  1. The Science of CX showcased stories about financial linkage modeling, ROI analysis, and understanding the drivers of certain customer behaviors.

  2. Operational Insights and Research encompassed case studies on generating improvements based on the results of customer experience survey data, and was supplemented with discussions on benchmarking and customer research communities.

  3. Innovations in Data Visualization contained stories about leveraging business intelligence tools to integrate operations and experience data.

A diverse group of more than fifty CX thought leaders were in attendance, representing both B2B and B2C segments, spanning industries from financial services, healthcare, and retail, to electronics, technology, and hospitality. Each attendee brought with them a unique perspective from which to network and learn, spanning both existing, fully developed programs with budgets in excess of $1mm, as well as those iterating on new programs in their infancy with considerably smaller budgets. Regardless of where in the program lifecycle each attendee found themselves, or the size of their support or resources, one commonality remained throughout: the need to better make sense of the customer and operational data they are collecting in order to recommend more informed business decisions while proving the value of their programs internally.

The following talks in particular received many positive comments from attendees, and we could summarize the key takeaways as follows:

Linking CX to Business Outcomes by Laurie Melton

  • Manage expectations from your team: These analyses may contradict assumptions about the relationship between LTR and key business drivers and may be inconclusive.

  • Set a strong foundation when collecting the data: Think outside of the box, as asking the right questions will affect your results.

  • Consider your audience: Understand the impact results will have on your stakeholders and how to share key findings.

Advanced ROI Modelling for the C-Suite by Dr. Jeremy Shapiro

  • It takes courage to look at your data rigorously: You don’t always get a perfect answer, or the one you “want.”

  • Causal analysis is more than “just an answer”: Causal analysis generates strategic insight and tactical knowledge.

  • You need to invest now to generate insights in the future: Robust analysis requires lots of data, which takes time to generate and collect.

Feel free to view Jeremy's talk here:

Infographics and Insights-based Reports for the Frontline by Courtney Minor

  • Start at the top: Identify current CX channels and how data is consumed.

  • Review current dashboards: Understand the KPIs that are most important for data-driven decisions in each role.

  • Redesign CX insights reporting: Deliver relevant insights tailored to your stakeholders.

You can also check out other OGC speakers' talks below.

Understanding What Drives CX to Outperform the Competition by Joshua Leviton

From Static to Interactive: Evolution of Data Reporting by Samantha Herrick

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