In 2015, a major US telecommunications provider - a player in Cable TV, internet and phone service - invested in three new enhancements to its digital voice product.  Before releasing these new features, the company wanted to test customer reception to these new service propositions.  The testing was to allow for fine tuning of the features in accordance with customer preferences, and determine the marketing strategy that would yield the highest impact.


OGC collaborated with the client to design and program a survey that would gauge customer evaluations of the product descriptions on both quantitative and qualitative levels.  OGC recruited a representative sample of both subscribers and non-subscribers within the client’s footprint, balanced to US census data.   


The following measures were used to assess customer responses to the product:

  1. Description evaluation - Each service description was tested individually for clarity, appeal and uniqueness across different customer segments.

  2. Text analysis - Open-ended answers were coded and analyzed in order to provide color and context to the report.

  3. Sentiment evaluation – Using “text highlighting” technology OGC demonstrated sentiment intensity of different words and sentences in each description.

After analyzing the results, OGC determined that, in order to maximize the launch’s impact in accordance with customer preferences, certain parts of the descriptions should be emphasized and other parts rephrased. The project resulted in finalized descriptions of each service that were then implemented in the client’s marketing messages for the feature introductions.