A US wireless service provider wanted to keep informed on trends in the wireless market in order to understand their positioning and cater their offerings to emerging customer preferences. To do so, the company partnered with OGC to develop a survey that was repeated three times a year to track market trends as well as their own subscriber behaviors.


The survey collected data on customers from a range of providers, and looked at plan types, costs, mobile devices and features, churn rates and rationale, as well as respondents’ attitudinal approaches to wireless preferences and behaviors.


The following analyses were conducted to provide an assessment of the wireless landscape:


  1. Segmentation Analysis - This analysis presented customer preferences and behavior by carrier or by plan type, and compared the client’s subscriber metrics with those of the competition.

  2. Persona Development - Based on responses to attitudinal statements, OGC produced and sized wireless customer profiles that could be used to develop plans, packages and promotions that appeal to specific segments.

  3. Churn Analysis - Churn rates as well as analysis of top reasons for churn were determined by carrier, plan type, persona and demographics.

  4. Wave Over Wave Comparison - Metrics and segmentation from across the survey were presented as trends over time to indicate changes in market distribution and customer preferences.  


OGC, by repeating this study over the course of the year, was able to help the client understand: how wireless customers think and behave, what trends in preferences are emerging in the market, the provider’s own position and perception relative to the competition, and why customers might choose one provider over another. The client was able to use these insights to inform its strategy in terms of offerings, promotions and possible modes of differentiation, as well as use its brand awareness as a measure of the success of its marketing efforts.